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Creating a space for women's football

Vicky Park Queens FC was set up in April 2021 by Amy and Nish, childhood friends who both love the game but didn’t have a space to play that quite suited them.

Joining an established team, straight in to playing matches, can be quite a daunting idea for someone who is interested in football and just wants to try it out. So Amy and Nish took to Instagram to find some likeminded women + non binary people for a kickabout that took football back to the basics.

Vicky Park Queens was created to be that space that brings people together with a common interest, making friends in a fun, relaxed environment while training to learn and improve those football skills.

We keep growing in numbers and have new people joining most weeks. Many people show up each week and others drop in as and when they can - it’s completely up to you. We’re a welcoming, inclusive bunch of 18 years+ women + non binary people and it’s as much an opportunity to meet some new people in Leicester as it is a chance to learn and practice some footy skills.

We run socials throughout the year and if you ever want somebody to go watch a game with you, then we’re definitely the right group to ask!

At it’s core grassroots is about community and we really want to use this as a space to connect women's football with the Leicester community. Keep an eye out for events we'll be running!

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